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We are passionate real estate investment Realtors looking to help our clients build wealth and financial freedom. As homeowners, real estate investors in our own community, and dads, we know that working with the right team makes all the difference. We are Blair Smith and Tim Hewitt of Smith & Hewitt Real Estate Team. Three residential and investment real estate agents living and growing business in Barrie, ON.

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“I didn’t understand the industry when I first started at all, and Blair was huge in educating us. In addition to that education he was able to provide, I never felt that it was about Blair making a commission or get a sale done. He wanted to make sure that every property was a perfect fit for us. That’s why we trust him. Before we purchase any property, Blair would come to our house with all the formulas that would help us to figure out whether or not it was a good investment. He would sit with us for hours putting all the numbers to figure out if these properties we were interested in were a viable investment for us, so that in itself is special. He is constantly educating himself as well, which I totally respect.”


Owner of over 10 investment properties
purchased through the Smith & Hewitt Team